sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

"Free" soul

She fell in love, got hurt, and promised never to fall in love again.
How many men will she hurt before bleeding to death?
Annie smiles wide, makes a pose, nearly kisses a man, and then runs away into someone else’s arms... In her eye, that mischievous wink that sends shivers down my spine.
I’d seen her before I’d even met her. She’s a sad and fascinating image to see: A broken princess, a perverse doll, a little ball of energy that is now afraid (and impossible) to be held. Her story can be read anywhere, because it’s repeated itself way too much.
Oh my dear girl, who harmed a soul as sweet as yours? Who dared destroy the beauty you held inside?
It’s a shame, a pity… a wonderful pity. You run now, in every direction, like a free soul. It definitely is something worth seeing!
Your cage is inside yourself.
You're intoxicating, elusive, amazing...
You’re lovely; lovely and sadly mended.
How long will it take for your wounds to open again?